Discover the World of Exclusive Beverages

The company operates in the market as an importer and distributor of exclusive beverages. Our range is part of the offering in a significant number of hospitality establishments in the country.


Lavazza: Authentic Italian Espresso Since 1895.

Explore the Lavazza World: A richness of taste and tradition through a wide range of premium coffees, from classic espresso blends to innovative capsules, perfectly tailored to every moment of your day.


Discover the World of Althaus Teas: Tradition and Innovation in Every Sip

Explore our exceptional range of premium teas, from classic black and green to flavored fruit infusions, that will enrich every moment of your day. Althaus teas offer a unique combination of traditional flavors and modern innovations, perfectly tailored for true tea connoisseurs.


Italian Tradition in its Most Chocolatey Form

Experience the true taste of Milanese chocolate with Eraclea Chocolate Drink – 39% cocoa for a rich, full flavor. Since 1968, Eraclea symbolizes tradition and quality. Prepare for a perfect chocolate experience that you can enhance with whipped cream or rum as you desire.


Synonymous with Style and Hospitality Exclusivity

Explore the world of Cipriani delicacies and beverages, the heritage of Harry’s Bar in Venice. From distinctive pasta and authentic sauces to the legendary Bellini cocktail, each product is a story of tradition, quality, and Italian charm.


Quality and Tradition in Every Glass

At the heart of our commitment lies the desire to bring only the finest wines to the Montenegrin market. Each wine we select for you represents a blend of exceptional quality and deep tradition, reflecting the rich history and passion of the winemakers who create these masterpieces.



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