A Modo Mio - Jolie

Jolie is ideal for enjoying authentic Italian coffee at home. Its cheerful design – the smallest and quietest model of Lavazza A Modo Mio – perfectly adapts to any environment.

Available Colors


Stylish and Compact

Whether you prefer espresso or lungo, enjoy the taste of Italian coffee made by an authentic Italian cup coffee machine. Stylish, compact, and quiet, your ideal coffee will be ready in an instant.


Soft lines, harmonious style, and vivid colors

An elegant machine, created with great attention to detail. Jolie offers the ideal design for enjoying coffee in complete relaxation. It is characterized by a removable cup holder, as well as backlighting on the Stop and Go button, allowing you to vary the size of your drink.

Versatile Character

Explore a variety of intense and deep flavors.

Compact Size

Ideally fits into your favorite corner of the house.

Colorful Design

Adds a touch of vivacity to your decor with its cheerful colors.

Authentic Experience

Where authentic Italian experience meets Italian design.

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There are so many ways to enjoy and share your favorite Lavazza blends. Discover the products that can make your day exceptional.

Do you need assistance?

Make sure you have read the instructions for the proper use of the machine before using it. Always place the machine on a flat and stable surface. Use only cold, non-carbonated, drinking water to fill the water tank; never use milk or other liquids. Do not touch hot parts immediately after using the device. When preparing coffee or heating milk, be careful of possible splashing of hot liquid. Before cleaning the machine, it is important to unplug the power cord from the outlet and wait for the machine to cool down. Do not immerse the machine in water. Wash only those parts in water that are specified in the instructions.

Do not allow the power cord to come into contact with hot parts of the device. Never leave the device unattended when it is connected to the power supply. Do not immerse the device in water or other liquids. Do not exceed the maximum allowable filling quantity indicated on the device. Do not use the device if the water tank is not filled. Do not use the device outdoors. In case of malfunctions, damage, or suspicion of improper operation after a fall, immediately unplug the plug from the outlet. Do not use a faulty device. Only authorized Lavazza service centers are allowed to perform repairs and interventions. In the case of interventions not carried out by authorized Lavazza centers, no responsibility is accepted for any damage.

The formation of limescale is a normal occurrence when using your coffee machine and can lead to reduced water flow or cold coffee. For this reason, it is necessary to decalcify the machine every three months or whenever the decalcification light on the device comes on. If you live in an area with frequent hard water, more frequent decalcification may be required. Lavazza is not responsible for machine damage due to the failure to perform decalcification. For the decalcification process, use a non-toxic and/or harmless coffee machine decalcifying product, which is commonly available on the market. Do not drink the decalcification solution and liquids that have passed through the machine until the cycle is complete. Never use vinegar as a decalcification agent.

All Lavazza A Modo Mio coffee machines come with a two-year warranty. The warranty for your Lavazza A Modo Mio coffee machine starts immediately from the moment of purchase. The warranty cannot be delayed to be activated at a later date.