Ginepraio London Dry Gin, which is 100% organically certified and Tuscan.

Ginepraio, literally meaning “juniper thicket” in Italian, represents not only the actual habitat of the juniper from which the berries are harvested for gin production, but also a Tuscan idiom. In Tuscany, “cacciarsi in un ginepraio” (literally “getting into a juniper thicket”) figuratively describes getting into a complicated situation.


San Leonardo Grappa Bianca

Grappa San Leonardo, produced in very small batches from the pomace of the estate’s vineyards, is distilled in pots with a direct steam system. Grappa Bianca is perfectly dry, refined, and as smooth as velvet. After the pomace is gently pressed, it is immediately distilled in a classic steam pot.


San Leonardo Grappa Stravecchia

Grappa San Leonardo, produced in very small batches from the estate’s vineyard pomace, is distilled in a single pot with a direct steam system. This extra-aged grappa spends a full five years in oak barrels previously used for aging the famous San Leonardo wine, giving the Grappa Stravecchia depth and supreme elegance.


Cipriani London Dry Gin

When it comes to gin, there is one thing that comes to mind: the most famous cocktail of Harry’s Bar after the Bellini – Montgomery. Exceptionally dry. The secret of this cocktail, just as the man who invented it, Ernest Hemingway, wanted, lies in its dryness.

Cipriani Gin