Tea with Character

It can be black, green, or white, herbal or fruity, but it must be unique and special, making the individual who enjoys it feel that way.

Althaus deli pack represents a quick and easy way to a cup of tea.

It signifies a quality that meets the most demanding international standards. This premium product is the result of a blend of traditional and modern, unified in an innovative design that captivates. The classic finely chopped tea bag, tailored for quick preparation, offers maximum quality and a variety of flavors.


Pyra pack is probably the most modern and innovative way to enjoy tea.

Thanks to the silk pyramid-shaped bags, there is space for an amount of loose tea that produces an impressively aromatic and flavorful beverage. Moreover, you have the opportunity to observe the large and intact pieces of content through the transparent bag, turning this moment into a small ceremony.


Althaus loose tea is best served “à la carte”.

In its essential form, more than 50 carefully selected teas release flavors that present a striking experience for the less interested and inspire admiration in enthusiasts. Promotional tools for presenting and serving this item will represent the most prestigious segment of your offer.”